Robbie Gay

My website has moved! Visit my new site here:

This old site was created while I was a student at Awesome Inc's Fall 2019 Bootcamp. I plan on leaving this iteration of my website up to document my journey through the Bootcamp (Aug — Dec 2019) and into Spring 2020 (when I made my new site). I migrated all blog posts and most of the projects over to, but feel free to have a look around!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Robbie Gay. I am a recent graduate of the Awesome Inc Fall 2019 Web Developer Bootcamp, and am now using this space to document my job hunt and continued education. You can check out my previous posts, projects, or various other content by using the Nav Bar above. Or below, you can play a simple drawing game that I created!

Rainbow Sketchpad Game

Instructions: Use your mouse to draw rainbow-colored lines! Click anywhere in the game to reset (delete) your drawing. You can also check out the code for this project on Github. (Note: Likely will not work on mobile or touchscreens.)